Used in over 3000 products, asbestos is found in many construction applications from concrete to roofing material. Asbestos fibres were mixed into a variety of materials; products ranging from siding, fireproofing, duct and pipe insulation, vinyl asbestos floor tiles and many others Understanding the hazardous nature of asbestos is key to an effective asbestos abatement project.

Harbour City Environmental Services is committed to the safe removal and handling of asbestos. We are capable to take on hazmat projects of any size, anywhere. Whether low, moderate, or high risk, we can assist you in your project.

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The term “asbestos” actually applies to six different naturally occurring silicate minerals. All of these forms of asbestos are made up of thin fibrous crystals, each of which are in turn made up of smaller crystal fibers commonly called “fibrils.” Asbestos has been used in over 3000 products, because it is naturally heat and chemical resistant, as well as being a poor conductor of electricity. Although Canada banned the use of asbestos in new products and new constructions in 2018, there are many older buildings and products with asbestos in them still in use. When left alone, asbestos is harmless. The problems start when the fibers are disturbed, which is always a risk when it is used in construction.


Asbestos fibrils can become airborne, which means that they can be inhaled. A single exposure to asbestos fibers is not known to cause health problems, but prolonged exposure can pose serious risks. These health problems can be as comparatively simple as breathlessness, or they can be far worse.

    Asbestosis is not cancerous, but its symptoms can include raspy breathing and shortness of breath, both of which are caused by the inhaled asbestos fibers irritating and scarring the inside of the lungs.
    Mesothelioma is a rare kind of cancer that starts in the tissue lining of the lungs. Almost all cases of mesothelioma can be linked to prolonged asbestos exposure. Symptoms can include noticeable weight loss, breathlessness, chest pain and chronic coughing.

    This is considered to be the deadliest health concern associated with prolonged asbestos exposure. Symptoms can include anemia, chronic chest pain, coughing, raspiness and breathlessness.


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